(Introduction and Questions by James Threlfall)

I often feel like these introductions are harder when writing about close friends. Jamie Cottrell, AKA Chip Daddy completely falls into that group – but it always feels as though we’ve been friends for a lot longer than we have. Not just because he immediately speaks to you as if you’ve known each other for years upon your first meeting, but because he’s willing to give virtually anything a go on any given day – so you usually achieve quite a lot inside of 24 hours.

For those slightly less accustomed to Jamie’s work, he’s known for his work on YouTube as Chip Daddy. Whether that’s playing ‘Heads Up’ with Olly Murs one minute, or taking his GCSE Maths exam the next – Jamie’s channel is a hilarious mixture of anything imaginable, meaning that even as a friend I’m left wondering what’s coming next.

As a result, we thought it would be pretty funny to sit down and have a relatively usual chat of ours, but this time document it via Forecast. So, here goes…

Why are you called Chip Daddy?
I started making parody rap songs years ago with a friend in his living room. We tried to think of a name where you’d know it was a piss take before you’d even heard any music. ‘Chip Daddy’ kind of just came out and we rolled with it!

Would you say your style is more that of 50 Cent or Snoop Dogg?
I’m not convinced I have a style at all! Although, I am a fan of Doggy Style so let’s lock that answer in.

“All I’m saying is if I found any of them in bed with my girlfriend, I’d tuck them in.”

What the f*ck is Love Island?
Love Island is the dumbest TV show ever made. I think it’s meant to encourage everyone to sleep with everyone in there. I’ve not missed an episode in weeks! I’m hooked on the shit!

Can we get you on there?
I don’t think I’d last 5 minutes in there. I think I love 4 of them and I’m just watching on a screen.

Puppies or micro pigs?
Micro pigs! My best friends have one called Milo and he’s an absolute chief!

guys. this is Milo. my godson. i’m so in love 😍

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Nights out with the boys or nights in with Milo the pig?
Nights out with the boys. Always!

What about nights out with Milo the pig?
He’d definitely be the best wingman in the world. He’s a serious hit with the ladies but I mean, he’s only a few months old… maybe we’ll take him out on the lash for his first birthday!

McGregor or Mayweather?
I’m on the fence! I’m half Irish so I’d love McGregor to win. I don’t think Floyd will be able to take that big left hand but I’m unsure if Conor will get close enough to land it. I love them both so it’ll be shit to see either of them lose.

Don’t you think it’s suspicious though that both of their surnames start with M… Much like Milo the Micro Pig?
Who are you backing!?

I’m backing you to take it all mate.
To be honest, Floyd has been ignoring my calls ever since he signed the contract to fight Conor. I would’ve fought him for a 90/10 split.

It’s cool to hear he was at least entertaining the idea before that though?
Ok, if I’m being really really honest, he was ignoring them before he signed the contract too.

How do you think you’d do though? I’ve already seen at least one video of you being choked out by a UFC fighter online.
Hahaha! I got in the octagon with UFC’s Bradley Scott and he absolutely ripped me to pieces. I swear they’re superhuman. All I’m saying is if I found any of them in bed with my girlfriend, I’d tuck them in.

On a serious note, what’s popping – what’s new?
I’m currently working on my ‘Challenge Chip’ series and trying to take that up a notch. Rumour has it i’m filming with a professional skateboarder soon, so i’m very excited for that!!

“I’m fairly certain this series is going to kill me.”

Oh yeah, who’s that? Is he any good?
James Threeballs or something. I’ve seen him skate a few times. He’s pretty handy y’know!

Nope, I’ve seen him online. Overrated.
Did you see him on Tinder too?

I try to avoid him as much as I can. Are you planning to unveil how good you are on a board then?
Yeah, I hear that! I’m hoping he can teach me some mad skills. I’m pretty useless on a skateboard to be honest!

had a wicked time filming with these 2 last night and loved the show afterwards! video will out next week 🤙🏻

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What other challenges have you got in the works?
I’ve been working on an Ice Hockey challenge and also a Gymnastics one. I’m fairly certain this series is going to kill me.

On that joyful note, is there anyone you want to thank before we go?
Only The Lord baby Jesus, Donald Trump and Kerry Katona.

The big three.
Hahaha! Thanks for having me mate!

Bye bye driver!
All the best, God bless. Remember your highway code x