It’s not every day that you stumble across a musical gem quite like Little Comets. The British indie rock trio from the North East of England have firmly embedded their roots in the UK music scene since their beginning in 2008. Now, six years on, Little Comets have kicked off 2014 releasing their all new E.P., playing a headlining tour and lining up gigs across the pond in America. To put it simply, the guys are working hard and we’re looking forward to what the rest of the year has to offer.

Things have been pretty busy for you as of late, releasing your brand new EP ‘Little Italy’ on February 23rd. How has everything been?
Yeah it’s been a fairly busy month – we’ve been releasing one EP and then finishing the next one, all surrounded by Mickey becoming a Dad again and recovering from the backwash of a tour. We’re pretty tired but still enthusiastic – which is a good thing I suppose!

What was the idea behind the E.P.? And how long had you been working on those 4 songs before releasing them to the world?
There wasn’t really a specific idea behind it – we just had a few songs, thought it was time to release something again (we can be pretty tardy with that, but also quite protective of new songs)… These were the first four finished… They’d all be knocking about in various forms for a while – Little Italy had been primitively hiding on a hard drive as an instrumental idea but around December we dusted it off and decided to finish it properly. Some songs are a bit like that – you start them, don’t finish them, hide them and re-find them later. Like fictional bears with honey.

Of course you ran a headlining UK tour in February. How did that go?
Yeah it was a really positive experience. It was a while since we’d played in a lot of those places so we just didn’t know what to expect. We set out with trepidation, especially around playing new songs and a longer set but we ended up finishing the tour and feeling like a proper band. The venues were lovely, we had a really warm reception and all the gigs had a nice atmosphere. I think we just felt privileged to play our songs to that many people.

Were there any standout dates from the tour? Any venues that exceeded expectations?
Bath Komedia was a beautiful place – a real theatre, I think we particularly enjoyed that gig as it was so unexpected – the venue, the size of the crowd. It was a memorable night. But then again playing the Leadmill in Sheffield was amazing as we’ve supported there quite a few times and Sheffield is a special place for us. We played a lot of early gigs there and have quite a few friends living in the hills. Cambridge was another fantastic gig and Birmingham caught us by surprise – we actually played an encore…. A lot of good memories I suppose from the whole three weeks.

“People must have to practice quite hard in order to be able to maintain that level of inebriation night after night.”

It looked like a pretty action packed tour, with very few days off throughout the whole thing. How do you maintain your energy when on the road like that?
We actually managed to get home quite a bit which always helps, plus we like to keep busy. We had the whole release to coordinate and plans to made for the next few so we really didn’t have too much time to relax. It sounds daft but it is the inertia whilst touring that is the most damaging thing – the sameness of the day, the time in the van. Plus we don’t really go wild when we are away and I think that helps quite a bit. People must have to practice quite hard in order to be able to maintain that level of inebriation night after night.

Do you think it’s easier to tour as a group rather than a solo artist, as you’re all in it together, sharing the experience?
Ah I’m not sure – we don’t really know any to compare. I suppose if it was just one person with a guitar it might be quite nice. We’ve known each other for years and we have minimal crew – a tour manager and a sound engineer. Plus we’ve known them for years so there isn’t really a divide between us. Everyone knows their job and gets on with it. I think that helps. If one of us decided we had a cliche to support then it would probably be a lot tougher.

I read online that you choose not to write when on tour. Why is this?
We don’t really choose not to, we just don’t. I like to be in a comfortable environment when writing – I like it to be quite cacooned, and privacy just isn’t something you get when on tour. You’re never actually alone… I don’t think there is a right way or a wrong just a way that feels right, and for me, at the minute writing while a way isn’t productive.

What process do you usually follow when you begin writing?
I just sit down, usually with Mickey, in a room I know with a guitar or a piano and a mic with lots of reverb and just see what happens.

You released your debut album, ‘In Search of Elusive Little Comets’ in 2011, and then your second, ‘Life is Elsewhere’ in 2012. Can we look forward to a third album in the not so distant future?
Yeah, we are hoping to release the new album very early in 2015, although we need to get it finished first haha.

So of course kicking off 2014 in fine form, what’s next? What can we expect from Little Comets for the rest of the year?
We’re pretty busy, we’ve got another UK tour in October which we’ll be announcing soon. We’re going back to the US for a couple of gigs and we’ve got another two EPs this year in June and October, whilst finishing an album and juggling families. Exhaustion is probably what’s next.